Is Your Organisation Ready for the Future?

At formAgility, we equip leaders, teams, and organisations with business agility best practices to implement transformational change that sticks. 

Unlock True Agility

At formAgility, we equip leaders, teams, and organisations with business agility best practices to implement transformational change that sticks. 

Leadership Consulting

All too often, leaders delay or derail necessary transformations due to ingrained mindsets and behaviours misaligned to what employees and markets now expect. Despite good intent, leaders often struggle to uphold the agility and inspiration required to move businesses forward. 

Our Leadership Consulting services teach executives and managers to champion responsive, people-centric change.

We do this through immersive coaching grounded in the 9 Principles of Agile Leadership

Created and published by The Agile Business Consortium.

Principle 1

Actions speak louder than words

Principle 2

Improved quality of thinking leads to improved outcomes

Principle 3

Organisations improve through effective feedback

Principle 4

People require meaning and purpose to make work fulfilling

Principle 5

Emotion is a foundation to enhanced creativity and innovation

Principle 6

Leadership lives everywhere in the organisation

Principle 7

Leaders devolve appropriate power and authority 

Principle 8

Collaborative communities achieve more than individuals 

Principle 9

Great ideas can come from anywhere in the organisation 

​​In a landscape teeming with change, leadership continues to be a pivotal capability that needs further development. 

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Team Consulting

In today’s fast-paced environment, the success of any organisation hinges on its teams. Yet, many teams struggle with unclear roles, misaligned goals, and resistance to change. The need for Team Consulting has never been more critical to unlock your teams’ full potential and ensure your organisation thrives.

Our Team Consulting approach leverages the comprehensive 5D Transformational Model©
to transform teams within – and in harmony with – the larger ecosystem:

The structured 5D Transformation Model© takes a holistic approach to team performance to ensure transformations stick.

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We diagnose unique cultural dynamics around your teams to identify adoption obstacles.


Pinpointing exactly where your teams need support, we lay out a plan to empower every member in the areas that count.


A strategic roadmap is designed to prepare your teams for a seamless adoption of agile principles, ensuring everyone is on the same page.


The right formAgility consultants, internal people and stakeholders to help embed new workflows, interactions, mindsets at each phase of their journey.


At this point, change is realised. We implement and see through the changes to ensure they make a real difference in team performance. 

Digital Transformation

Many leaders face the daunting task of steering their organisations through complex digital landscapes to survive. But, this comes with unprecedented challenges in the form of ensuring alignment across all levels of the organisation.

Our Digital Transformation service is based around the essential 4 P’s to ensure a holistic and effective transformation:


We upskill teams with agile mindsets and workflows, ensuring everyone is equipped to drive and sustain change.


Simplifying your work with the right technology, we help integrate agile platforms that enhance efficiency across your organisation.


By refining your processes for maximum flexibility, we eliminate bottlenecks and pave the way for seamless digital workflows.


We enhance your product development cycle, ensuring quality and customer feedback are at the heart of your digital offerings.

The result is digitisation initiatives that quickly yield tangible improvements without leaving the organisation clouded in disruption.

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“A strong agile culture can increase commercial performance by 277%.”

– State of Agile Report 2023

“A strong agile culture can increase commercial performance by 277%.”

– State of Agile Report 2023

It's Time to Stop Playing Catch-up

You push yourself to the maximum, trying to juggle countless transformations, and see pressure mount with each new project. But at some point, racing faster in a broken system does not result in positive, lasting change. You need a fundamentally better structure to deliver change. One where initiatives stick instead of block your progress. Where people finally feel empowered, not overwhelmed, by transformations.

Our approaches provides that missing structure to facilitate real, lasting change adapted to your unique organisation.

It’s time to regain control. 

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